Road to Recuperation: Tips for Handling Life Post-Plastic Surgery

No matter which type of plastic surgery someone has undergone, a period of recovery is going to be necessary. Cosmetic surgery in most locations ranges from nose jobs to tummy tucks, and even face lifts and permanent makeup applications. Utilizing specific tips will help make the recuperation process from any of these procedures less stressful to deal with. There are five tips for handling life post-plastic surgery that people should be aware of before proceeding.

Make Arrangements for a Caregiver

Undergoing a procedure of any magnitude can be a frightening matter. It is usually a good idea for the person having the treatment done to bring a close friend or family member along with them for support. Aside from that, he or she may experience pain and discomfort for a few days or longer. Having a caregiver available that can assist with driving home and daily tasks thereafter would be a huge benefit.

Keep Ice on Hand

Most procedures are going to leave patients with bruised and sensitive skin. Keeping ice on hand ensures there is always something cool to keep on the sore area. This will reduce swelling as well, limiting the amount of pain that is felt.

Take Any Prescribed Medication

Several procedures, such as a facelift and tummy tuck, will require longer recovery times. In most cases, medication will be prescribed to alleviate the majority of the pain felt afterward. Anyone who has had one of these procedures done needs to be sure to take their medication as prescribed. Those that had a less severe surgery and were not prescribed something may still want to take an aspirin to lessen any discomfort they’ve been feeling.

Avoid Exercise

Exercise is banned after the majority of plastic surgery procedures. The strenuous activity can cause too much discomfort, on top of the pain that has already developed. Avoiding heavy exercise for at least a couple of days following a lift, application, tuck, or other type of surgery is recommended. For lengthier surgeries that need more healing time, a week or more of no exercise is suggested.

Wear Sunscreen

Going outside may not be an option in some cases, such as after receiving a facelift. At times though, it cannot be avoided. Since surgery was just completed and the skin has been altered in some way, it needs to be kept safe from the sun’s rays. Wearing sunscreen is ideal after most procedures because it will keep the newly changed skin from becoming burnt and irritated. A painful sunburn is not ideal after an already painful surgery.

A plastic surgeon is capable of handling a wide range of surgeries. Whether someone receives breast augmentation, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, or another type of service, the aforementioned tips should all be considered. Any person who endures a cosmetic procedure is going to need time to heal afterward, and these five tips can help the healing process go as smooth as possible for each person.

Source by Brandi Swieter