New technology could speed severe-weather warnings

New technology could speed severe-weather warnings

The timing of your severe warnings are crucial, and meteorologists work hard to get you those warnings as quickly as possible. Our own Brittany Bell spent a week in Norman, Oklahoma, to test out new ways to keep you ready.

Bell spent a week at the Hazardous Weather Testbed. The Testbed conducts an experiment each spring to test out new tools that could improve forecasts for severe weather. The ultimate goal is to give people as much lead time as possible and to be as accurate as possible.

Broadcasters, researchers, and National Weather Service meteorologists all participate in this experiment to solve these forecast problems.

During this experiment, most meteorologists did find that these new products improve how quickly they can warn storms. One of the most helpful tools tested during this experiment was called ProbSevere, and it allowed meteorologist to issue warnings much quicker. That means more time for you to prepare.

After this experiment wraps up, the researchers tweak these various tools and eventually release them.

The ABC11 weather team plans on using those tools to give you adequate warning year round.

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