Tanker incident in Gulf of Oman: Live updates

Tanker incident in Gulf of Oman: Live updates

The Kokuka Courageous, one of two ships involved in the security incident in the Gulf of Oman, was “attacked” twice with “some sort of shell,” an official from the Japanese owner of the ship told CNN.

The first shot hit the tanker above sea level and the vessel caught fire briefly before the blaze was extinguished, according to Michio Yuube, the co-manager of the Japanese firm Kokuka Sangyo.

All 21 Philippine crew members on board the tanker were evacuated in life boats after the second shot and rescued by another ship now heading towards the UAE.  

Yuube said that the attack happened off Fujaira, and that the Kokuka Courageous is now drifting with a shipment of chemical products onboard. 

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