Live updates: Sarah Sanders is out

Live updates: Sarah Sanders is out

Sarah Sanders’ primary legacy as White House press secretary was the death of the daily press briefing.

In her nearly two years as Trump’s top liaison with the press, Sanders shortened the on-camera briefings and then did away with them altogether.

Her most recent quarrel with the press in the briefing room was back on March 11 — and that session was only 14 minutes long.

Now she is stepping down from her post, according to a tweet from President Trump on Thursday. It is unknown whether she will hold another on-camera briefing or not.

And it is also unclear who will take over her off-camera duties, which include issuing statements and answering questions from reporters in informal settings.

But it will be a surprise if a future Trump White House press secretary brings back the daily briefing.

The format served presidents and the press well for decades. But Trump and Sanders ultimately decided it was not in their personal interest to provide the same level of transparency as past administrations.

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