Diet fads fact vs. fiction

Healthy Living: Diet fads fact vs. fiction

There are many quick fixes on the internet when it comes to losing weight but do they actually work?

Two diet fads currently making rounds on the internet are apple cider vinegar shots and celery juicing.

Many people consume apple cider vinegar shots with the goal of losing weight or reducing belly fat. Other articles have claimed the shots will also lower blood sugar levels, fight diabetes, lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Dr. Abdelhadi Halawa, Associate Professor of Wellness and Sports Sciences at Millersville University says apple cider vinegar shots may actually be harmful to your health, “It’s a bad idea to do that because it can hurt the stomach, cause ulcers and damage the enamel of the teeth.”

“It doesn’t give the result of losing weight. It just damages the body from the inside,” he explains.

Celery juicing may have health benefits.

“It has vitamin C, K, folic acid which is a wonderful vitamin and potassium, a mineral with benefits for sure,” says Dr. Halawa. 

“In terms of losing weight alone, drinking celery juice is not going to be effective enough to make you shed weight,” he says.

For those looking to lose weight, Dr. Halawa has some suggestions. 

He says to consider a multidisciplinary approach which includes a reasonable diet, physical activity, and behavior modification to avoid overeating.

For physical activity, Dr. Halawa suggests cardio and strength training. To see the CDC’s recommendations for the amount of physical activity you should get, click here. 

He also provided a few nutrition tips.

At the grocery store, Dr. Halawa says to say ‘no’ to the free samples and if you’re going out to eat, avoid choosing a buffet. 

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