Arrests made in Escambia County Shootings

Woman finds box of ashes near Bon Secour River

Escambia County, Fla (WKRG)- Deputies say there have been six shootings in the past eight days which have resulted in some victims being hit. 

Deputies say on June 2 there was a drive-by shooting on Massachusetts Avenue where someone was hit in the leg. There was a shooting in Cantonment on June 5 where a man was shot in the leg and he later died.On the 9th, there was another drive-by shooting on Massachusetts and later on that night there was another shooting on Tabaid lane. Deputies believe the shootings on Massachusetts Avenue and Tabaid Lane are connected. 18-year-old John Coker was arrested for the shootings on Massachusetts Avenue and Tabaid Lane. Deputies the shootings Coker was involved in sprang from a drug transaction. Authorities say they do not believe Coker was the shooter, but he got someone to retaliate against someone who allegedly ripped him off.

On June 10th there was another shooting on Camielia Drive where a man was shot. 25-year-old Jared Beers and 30-year-old James Franklin were arrested in those shootings.

Deputies say all the shootings are drug related.

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