schoolgirl challenges Tesco and Sainsbury’s after finding only men’s stickers on sale

schoolgirl challenges Tesco and Sainsbury's after finding only men's stickers on sale

Immy, from Horsham, West Sussex, wrote in her letter: “I love football and I have been very excited about watching the Women’s World Cup. I was given the World Cup sticker book from my football club and was very happy to start collecting my stickers.

“I went to your supermarket today to spend my pocket money on the Women’s World Cup stickers but there wasn’t any there.

“Your store sold the men’s stickers, so why don’t you sell the women’s? Not having the women’s World Cup stickers is sending a bad message to girls everywhere that women are less important than men.”

Tracey Crouch said the supermarkets were failing to acknowledge that women’s football is a major sport. “I’ve collected World Cup sticker albums since I was a kid and have been appalled at the lack of availability in the official retailers.

“Hardly any of my local stores sold them and one that did kept the stickers in a drawer rather than on the shelves because the boys’ football stickers took priority.

“Panini did a great thing in producing the album but have been failed by the outlets who clearly still have a backward view of women’s interest in football,” she said.

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