Founder of Envera Health forms new venture focused on helping businesses develop healthcare innovations | Local

Founder of Envera Health forms new venture focused on helping businesses develop healthcare innovations | Local

The founder of a Richmond-based Envera Health has created a new venture with the goal of helping startup companies bring more innovations to the healthcare sector.

Dan Neuwirth said he is stepping away from day-to-day management of Envera Heath to focus on a new venture called Realize Health. 

The mission of Realize Health is threefold, Neuwirth said.

One goal is to create new companies in the healthcare sector from ideas that Neuwirth and his colleagues have had. 

The second goal is to find other early-stage businesses that are working on innovations in the healthcare sector and connect them with experts and healthcare providers that can help them get those ideas into the marketplace more quickly.

“The core of everything is trying to create a better pathway for bringing innovative ideas into the healthcare space, with a focus on practical solutions that can be implemented today,” Neuwirth said.

Neuwirth said Realize Health’s third goal is to work with healthcare providers and payers to support their own innovation initiatives.

The company is not focusing on diagnostics, therapeutic interventions or drugs that may require lengthy regulatory reviews, Neuwirth said. Instead, it will pursue technologies and services that can be implemented rapidly to improve healthcare delivery models and provide operational improvements.

“Our focus is on bringing innovations to bear that can improve access and that can drive down costs and improve outcomes today,” he said.

Realize Health has not created an investment fund for early-stage businesses, though it might do so in the future, Neuwirth said. For now, the company’s business model is to work with early-stage ventures on a retainer basis.

Neuwirth founded Envera Health in 2015. The company offers software and services to health care providers such as hospital networks that help them better communicate with patients and coordinate services. 

Envera Health, “continues to do very well as we continue to position the company for growth,” Neuwirth said.

He also created a spin-off from Envera called Clareto, a data company that connects life insurers with healthcare data. Prior to founding Envera, he helped found and grow medCPU, a clinical decision support company that was acquired by Merck and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“I recognize that my skill sets and interest lie in creating and building new companies so have decided to focus on doing that,” Neuwirth said. “I see a great opportunity to leverage resources in the central Virginia area to make this region a hub for healthcare entrepreneurial activity.”

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