Man arrested after breaking into home in Balmain, Sydney

Man arrested after breaking into home in Balmain, Sydney

A man is in custody after allegedly breaking into the home of a young couple and threatening them with knives in Sydney’s inner west.

Police were called to the home on Llewellyn St in Balmain about 3.45am this morning after receiving reports of an aggravated break and enter.

Resident Edward Madden reportedly confronted the man after hearing the front door window being smashed.

The young father said the man had blood all over him when he went to confront him.

“I’ve run down in my Swans budgy smugglers, so I didn’t look very intimidating, and there was a big, burly man in the house coming up the stairs,” Mr Madden told 7 News.

“He had blood all over his hands and arms and on everything. He was saying ‘Guys you’ve got to help me I’m being chased’.”

NSW Police told that officers arrived shortly after receiving the call and were able to evacuate the family.

The man allegedly stayed inside the premises until 5.20am when he handed himself over to police.

Mr Madden reportedly told the man he had to leave the house before running back up stairs to protect his wife, toddler and elderly parents.

After reportedly refusing to leave the house the man allegedly armed himself with two large kitchen knives before making threats towards the young father.

He was arrested and treated at the scene by paramedics before being put into an ambulance and transferred to hospital.

He was not known to the family.

None of the family were injured in the ordeal, according to reports, though the wife and baby girl were taken to hospital for a routine check.

Mr Madden’s elderly mother, who recently had heart surgery, was taken to also taken to the hospital for a check-up.

The intruder is in police custody and is being questioned by authorities.

More to come.

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